The Food Truck Association is a non-profit organisation that represents the existing and upcoming Food Trucks in India.We seek to create a definition for its members, to come together to promote, discuss and help regularise the Food Truck community and the laws governing them. We believe Food Trucks are the future of the restaurant industry and we shall act as a catalyst for innovation in hospitality,high quality food, and community development. The association aims to reinvent food truck vending in a way that is eneficial to the nation, food truck entrepreneurs, and their patrons along with the entire ecosystem supporting their endeavours.

Our Vision

To improve and aid the present condition for a Food Truck owner in terms of legality, sustenance, governance, support, quality, thus supporting them to form a viable business by acting as the liaison between the authorities and the business owners, addressing any grievances in our community and advocating on their behalf.


It is a herculean task to obtain guidance and support to ensure that all licenses, paper work, production and all other operational prerequisites are in place to build a profitable and sustainable Food Truck venture. We intend to provide the same through our in-house experts and our relationship with external parties. The association shall act as a conduit between the entrepreneur and the links needed to make his business a reality. This shall ensure that our members do not have to rely on unofficial and sometimes misleading guidance and can seek the support of the association whenever necessary.

Steps Taken

  • Legally incorporating food trucks into the streetscape
  • Streamlining the licensing process so that a single window solution can be made for Food Trucks
  • Allotment of locations for Food Trucks for Vending without Harassment for themselves and to ensure unaffected civic functioning as well.
  • Advocacy on behalf of the food truck industry with the requisite regulators and policy makers
  • Connecting the resources to the entrepreneurs for a quick launch of a food truck business

How Can You Contribute

The occidental concept of Food Trucks is picking up speed and the future is near where we will be recognised as an alternative business module for the masses. We would love YOU to be a part of that growth spurt as YOU started this movement. We would need your experiences, your local overnance regime, your present set up, your influencers .Thus creating a unified voice for the nation, strong enough that it empowers ANY one who dreams of owning a food truck business. After all it is our Fundamental Right to


  • To legalise and popularise the concept of a mobile food vehicle (food truck) in the country as a viable form of business by bringing together entrepreneurs operating or wishing to operate food trucks.
  • Engaging in continuous dialogue with decision makers at the local, state and national levels, with an aim to bring about macro level changes in the mobile food vending industry, especially with regard to a uniform, affordable and non-discriminatory licensing regime.
  • Mentor and strive to be a single point of contact for entrepreneurs proposing or already a part of the mobile food vending industry.
  • Establish and propagate good food practices, standards for sanitation, hygiene safety in the mobile food vending industry.
  • Aim for the betterment of the food and service industry by nurturing and improving the skill levels, functionality and proficiency of the members of this Association.
  • Allocate industry and knowledge resources amongst the food truck community so as to enhance business and integrete various sections of the industry to work in a synergy.
  • Ensure easy and affordable access to quality food options for the public by creating a conducive environment for operation of food trucks.
  • Empower socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the community by integrating them and their skills in the mobile food vending industry.
  • Instill a sense of unity amongst the mobile food vending industry so as to ensure harmonious resolution of any conflicts or disputes.
  • To play the role of a watchdog, protecting the interests of the mobile food vending industry.